Internship On BSF Farming Applications are invited from Potential Candidates having a Degree in Agriculture or Science back ground for a duration 3 months. Selected candidates will be given hands on Practical Training/experience in the step by step processing of BSF Farming in our BSF Commercial Production facility and Research Center at Kollam District Kerala South India. After successful completion of the Training Potential Candidates will be deputed as Junior consultants with salary along with our senior consultants to set up BSF Commercial Production Facility’s taken up by Exocycle on Contract/Consultancy all around India and Overseas Interested Candidates may please apply with their CV attached to the email address Admissions are strictly based on Qualifications and active interest for maximum 3 potential candidates per batch. Accommodation will be provided at the Facility. Admission open till 25th of May and course starts on 1st June 2020.




Update  – Overseas clients  from Bahrain  requested for a special one day training on BSF Commercial Production and all arrangements are being being made, a consultant is being deputed from Hyderabad well trained by Niel Birrel and Exocycle  for this,  In the absence of our senior Consultant and CEO who is currently overseas.

Update Follows: Special Training for our Bahrain clients will commence at 10 AM on 5th September  2019. Also Our consultant is confirmed reaching  tonight to lead the training as scheduled.

We welcome  our guests from Bahrain and wish all the very best in learning from our team from

Our Senior Consultant will be returning to India  during the 1st week of October 2019 and Training for interested persons/organisations will continue during October.

Senior consultant  has arrived on 03/10/2019 training dates will be published soon.

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